Collection: Hanover Area Key Club Pen Fundraiser

Welcome to the Hanover Area Key Club's Pen Fundraiser.  The Key Club will receive $2.00 for each pen sold.  These pens are so fun to use and they make great gifts!!  With Easter right around the corner, they make the perfect addition to your Easter Baskets!!  Order Now through March 12th with delivery the week of Easter.  Pens will be delivered by Key Club Members so be sure to list a Key Club Member in the note section or Mrs. Willis.

These super cute pens are designed and handmade by Kerry & Emily.  Why use a boring pen when you can use a super cute one!!  The body of the bead ballpoint pen is made of reliable plastic, which is light but sturdy and not easy to break, the metal rod is strong and smooth to touch; Fast drying ink flows out at a uniform speed without oozing, providing smooth writing, which is very suitable for signing, taking notes, writing, etc.  Black Ink.

  • Easy to use: instead of a push-type ballpoint pen, this beadable pen is opened by rotating its body; If the ink runs out, just remove the refill from the bottom and rotate it to replace it; The operation is simple and quick, ideal for most people
  • They make great gifts for birthdays, business events, weddings, festivals, graduation ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, trade exhibitions and much more!

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